"For whoever touches you, touches the apple of His eye" - Zecharia 2:8

A week ago on April 5th, I took my 11 year old son Elliott to urgent care in the morning after he had experienced some cold/flu symptoms the day before. At the urgent care after taking his blood pressure & oxygen level, they told us to go to ER at Summerville Medical Hospital right away, in fact, they called the Hospital ahead and let them knew we were coming.

Elliott had high blood pressure, high rate and difficulty breathing by the time we arrived at ER. The first doctor that helped him placed him on an oxygen mask and called radiology to have X rays of his chest and lungs done.

X rays showed his right lung completely filled with fluids, basically, it had collapsed. I sat there with Elliott and they immediately started bombarding me with questions and choices that needed to be made. As I reached for my cel phone to call my husband, I realized he was on a 4 hour plane ride from Washington DC to FL and he would be out of reach for some hours.

I felt overwhelmed and asked the doctors if I could have a moment. Once alone, I declared our dependence on The Lord and gave Him all control of the situation. 

The next doctor that came in, told us to be prepared to be admitted in the hospital and to make all arrangements needed for the next few days. He said in the best case scenario, Elliott would be out of the hospital by Monday. 

Treatments recommended by doctors were surgery and or making an incision in his lung to drain it; but after seeing the x-rays and considering Elliott's heart rate and blood pressure, the pulmonologist recommended to give him antibiotics by IV and breathing treatment to stabilizing him first.

As e-mails and text messages started coming from family, friends,church, school,soccer team etc, asking how to help, the Holy Spirit was very clear to let me know to "align prayers". I started asking people to pray for a very specific situation: for Elliott to be heal without having to go through surgery or any invasive treatment. 

The next morning, 12 hours after being in the hospital, they came to take the second set of x-rays. They showed slight improvement, but enough to continue with the same treatment instead of the surgery. This time, I called and texted more friends and intercessors and started asking for a breakthrough. I was sure in my heart that Thursday night The Lord was working on breakthrough, we prayed for an open heaven so angels could come up and down to minister Elliott continually, to remind him of who he was, of how God was breathing health into that lung.  We also praised God, and declared that nothing could stand against the name of Jesus.


During the middle of the night the pediatric emergency physician came and said he had a new idea, to place Elliott under a new oxygen mask, a CPAP mask. Again, because it was a non invasive treatment, we went with it with Elliott's consent (very uncomfortable mask) and waited.

At 7:30 am (36 hours after first x-rays) they came to take the third set of x-rays, this time the radiologist called us into the room and said: " I am not allowed to give you a diagnosis of the results but I do want you to see this". The x-rays showed a much more clear lung! It looked so good that even the nurses rejoiced and cried with us! 

It was a marvelous feeling of thanksgiving & humbleness! Doctors and nurses were amazed of such recovery! 

Elliott was slowly whined from oxygen through the day and slept that night without any mask at all!! His oxygen level was never lower than 95% on his own. 

He was discharged of the hospital on Saturday! Days before predicted!!! 


Today (a week later) he had another set of x-rays and his lung is almost completely clear. The doctors still don't understand neither what made his lung collapsed so fast being that he is a healthy boy, nor they can explain such a quick and steady recovery.

Elliott will be able to go back to his normal life. He will be able to play outdoors and go to the ocean and swim and play soccer and have a healthy normal diet.

During this week we have seen God's favor all around us like a shield!!! The outpouring of kindness & love, the willingness for people to pray and declare, we have witnessed people's faith in God and that is why we want to share our story. 


Yes, God gave us our own miracle. No, it wasn't an easy valley to descend to, it had pain and tears and lots of warfare but more than anything it had our loving Heavenly Daddy holding our hand tight, fighting our battle, not letting go. 

Our hearts will praise, we will always give Him all Glory for ever and ever.


"Now stand still and see this great thing The Lord is about to do before your eyes"

1 Samuel 12:16

Much love & blessings 

McAninch Family 

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